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Shooting 101 (Read 9 times)


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Shooting 101
12/16/14 at 21:35:02
Been out a couple of times this season and put a few birds in the bag. Shooting has been off somewhat (not enough practice I suppose) but I made an adjustment to the shotgun and took it to the range today.

20Ga. Shotgun, full choke, steel plate, @20yds, 7/8oz-#8 shot, low gun starting position, seven shots in a row without repainting the plate.

An illustration of Bruce and the low gun position...... Cool

Point of impact of the seven rounds....  

A steel plate will help in determining the POI and makes for good practice but in no way does it replicate the flush of a wild quail. I still miss with the best of them but it helps to cut my odds.

Good mechanics, proper fit, and a little practice will help in the pursuit of those elusive upland birds.

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