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Training Homing Pigeon's Update... (Read 19 times)
Jack Tracy II



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Training Homing Pigeon's Update...
06/19/14 at 10:05:51

I hope training days are going well for everyone. I wish I could make more but my wife has been working mandatory over-time, which puts me in charge of taking care of the kiddos (4 and 2) on Saturdays for now.

The homing pigeons that you all gave me some advice on have been coming along nicely. I have had a small handful of babies born and raised this Spring/Summer in addition to the ones I already had. So, thanks to you all for giving me some advice on how to get that going. I have a total of 14 pigeons that will consistently home now with 2 more babies on the way. Kyle has been providing my coop with offspring too as he has a breeding pair that are pumping out the chicks.Smiley

Thanks Again,
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