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1  Public / OKNAVHDA Events and News / May 19 Training Day
 on: 05/14/18 at 19:35:51 
Started by Jay  Hoth | Post by Jay  Hoth
Our next training day is this Saturday, May 19, and will be held at the Garber location. It's forecasted to get hot, so the earlier we can start, the better.

Pigeons $5
Quail $6
Chukar $10

No ducks yet

Please place your orders by 12:00 Thursday.

It's appreciated if exact funds are provided for each birds and land use. It makes proper accounting much easier.

Land use - $10 per handler and $5 per dog. First time attendees are exempt.

As a reminder, if you're not a NAVHDA International member, you'll be required to complete a liability release.

2  Public / Training / Re: April Training Day
 on: 04/20/18 at 20:51:05 
Started by Mitchell Walker | Post by Mitchell Walker
Training has been cancelled due to weather.

3  Public / Training / April Training Day
 on: 04/14/18 at 17:55:37 
Started by Mitchell Walker | Post by Mitchell Walker
Our April Training day is on the 21rd near Garber.
The following link to our website has a map to the location.
http://www.oknavhda.com/trainingdays.htm. We are wanting to get started around 8 am.

Please place your bird orders by Thursday at 5:00pm

Quail: $6
Chukar: $10
Pigeons: $5
Pheasant: $15, We have 2 available, so first come

4  Public / OKNAVHDA Events and News / April 21 Training Day
 on: 03/30/18 at 06:28:59 
Started by Jay  Hoth | Post by Jay  Hoth
Our next training day will be held 21 April near Garber OK.  We plan to get started around 8:00.  Please place your bird order by April 18.

Quail - $6
Pigeon - $5
Chukar - $10
Pheasant - $15 (only 2 available)

Map and directions available here:

5  Public / Trading Post / Pigeon coop and killer bird pen
 on: 08/24/16 at 16:48:24 
Started by Bruce MacDonald | Post by Bruce MacDonald
So, the kids have pretty much "flown the coop", so we are moving August 31.  Have a pigeon coop and a killer bird pen for sale as I can't take them with me.

Pigeon coop was built modular, 4' x 8',  treated plywood floor, all except roof screwed together as separate panels.  After roof is taken off it should come down quickly.  I had automatic watering in it, that is why the lower aviary on the front.  I have two compartments in it, one for fliers and one for breeders.  Worked really well for me.
Its location will make it difficult to get out in one piece so expect to take it apart.  Hammer, pry bar and battery run screw driver.  Is in really good condition (if you remove the pigeon poop  Wink ).....

Killer bird pen is a 8' x 4' x 4' treated 2x4 frame covered with 1" x 2" wire.  It will come out in one piece.  Would be great for pigeons, quail, ducks.  It has a wire floor.

Make me an offer I can't refuse.

Will have to be removed by end of day August 1st as we close August 2nd.  I am moving so really tied up, so you will have to do it or bring friends.

We live a couple miles west of Jenks, OK.

Give me a call at 918.638.7269.


Here are some pics, click the thumbnail for a bigger pic:

Killer bird pen:

6  Public / OKNAVHDA Events and News / Training 6/11
 on: 06/06/16 at 09:42:59 
Started by Mitchell Walker | Post by Mitchell Walker

OKNavhda Training Day this Saturday June 11, at the Garber Location near Enid, OK. Please put your bird orders in by Wednesday night. We are wanting to get started around 7:30 am

Ducks - $12 each
Quail - $6 each
We have a few pigeons available for $5 each

7  Public / OKNAVHDA Events and News / Training 4/23
 on: 04/19/16 at 20:32:10 
Started by Mitchell Walker | Post by Mitchell Walker
Location: Garber,OK


Time: 7:30am

Jay has a few pigeons and pheasant and Jack can get some quail.  Have your orders in by 6pm Thursday.

Pigeons - $5
Pheasant - $15
Quail - $6

8  Public / OKNAVHDA Events and News / 2015 Test
 on: 09/27/15 at 14:15:53 
Started by Jay  Hoth | Post by Jay  Hoth
Thanks to all the club members who came out to help at this year's test.  Your efforts made the test run nearly flawlessly.  I don't think I've ever been at a full UT day that was over by 4:00.

9  Public / OKNAVHDA Events and News / Re: 2015 Test Volunteers
 on: 09/14/15 at 12:08:46 
Started by Jay  Hoth | Post by Mitchell Walker
I can be there both days

10  Public / OKNAVHDA Events and News / Re: 2015 Test Volunteers
 on: 09/12/15 at 22:36:19 
Started by Jay  Hoth | Post by Lance McWethy
Well they still haven't let me know when coming back so I have to guess I'm not going to be able to help this year sry guys